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I knew from a very young age that I did not want to work a 9-5. deep down I knew i had chart my own path to success, so i invested in myself.

I still wake up with the same excitement and passion i had when i was a boy. I am beyond blessed that my career has taken me to all corners of the globe, allowed me to have total creative control over my projects and call the shots when it came to making decisions in everyday business deals. Having authority over my own work meant taking full responsibility for any and all results of those decisions.  With high expectations for my company, I always took pride in my work. This industry is always changing, and getting to learn and change along with it was both fun and rewarding. Interacting with young entrepreneurs and see the world through their eyes, getting to know the next generation of consumers is of utmost importance. It's a never ending adventure and my inquisitive nature only leaves me more excited about my mighty mouse mini crane- the most powerful innovation that this industry has seen and the first example of a high profit margin winner-every -time model. Officially introducing this crane is yet another milestone in my career and a historical event for the entire coin-op industry.


a letter from our CEO

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